GWJ Technology Offers New Version of System Calculation

System Calculation from GWJ has been updated.

System Calculation from GWJ has been updated.

December 2, 2020—
GWJ Technology GmbH is constantly working on optimizing its software products and integrating new functions. The new version of the System Calculation is now available.

The version comes with many new features for even more comfort. With just a click and a few specifications, the software automatically provides a solution for multi-stage cylindrical gearboxes or single planetary stages.

In case of a cylindrical gearbox, these specifications can be, for example, the desired number of stages, the total ratio, the input torque and the input speed. Shaft diameter and dimensions of the cylindrical gears are suggested for each stage and automatically set up as a system. No optimized solution is expected just a quick setup of the shaft geometry, which has to be refined afterwards.

The software makes it easy to get a first draft of a multi-stage cylindrical gearbox. It works for simple planetary geartrains in a similar way. This also saves time when building the system. The bearing databases (catalogue data) from Schaeffler and SKF were updated. In addition, a database from HQW Precision GmbH and The Barden Corporation (UK) Limited and CSC containing internal geometry were added. These sub-databases are encrypted and contain the internal geometry of the bearings.

Additional encrypted databases containing internal geometry are available from GMN and IBC, but have to be requested from the manufacturer. With the update, the user gets a better presentation of bevel gears. Bevel gears are now shown including teeth in the 3D views. If a geometry is imported as mesh (Nastran or FEMAP mesh, not as STEP) then multiple materials can be assigned for 3D elastic parts (meshed FEM parts). The evaluation of surface stresses is a new functionality. Optionally, surface stresses fields can be calculated on reduction for a 3D elastic part. As the meshed are not refined on corners, these stresses cannot include stress concentrations, they just give an estimate for the load inside of the part. Graphics for stresses are added in graphics menu.

A possibility to add rules was added to the optimization step in the parameter variation. The additional language Turkish has been integrated into the system calculation.

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