GWJ Technology Introduces TBK 2014 Update

Several new functions and settings are included in the TBK 2014 software update.

Several new functions and settings are included in the TBK 2014 software update.

October 21, 2020—
GWJ Technology introduces new features with latest software release of TBK 2014. With the newest version of the calculation software the user gets a powerful tool to determine, dimension and optimize gearboxes. Just as in previous versions, existing modules were improved and optimized.

Several new functions and settings are included in the software update. For example, additional options for the profile shift sum as well as for the profile shift coefficients were added, new basic rack profiles for plastic gears according to ANSI/AGMA 1106-A97 were integrated and the load capacity of plastic gears can now be calculated according to VDI 2736 in the cylindrical gear module.

The first plastic materials were added to the general material database. For this, the temperature-dependent material properties such as fatigue strength and E-module were approximated in detail from available diagrams in VDI 2736 and stored accordingly.

Pairings of plastic/plastic as well as plastic/metal are supported. In the load capacity calculation of worm pairings, the calculated power losses can be overwritten or specified individually. This means that the load capacity calculation can be better adapted to the results of test bench trials.

Both versions of DIN 743 (version 2000 and 2012) are now available for calculating the fatigue strength and safety against permanent deformation of shafts. The desired version can be selected in the settings menu. The default standard is now the version DIN 743: 2012.

Also worth mentioning is the support of the latest software version SystemManager in conjunction with TBK 2014. Optimized usability and new functions make working with TBK 2014 and the SystemManager more efficient, especially with regard to more complex systems like multi-stage cylindrical gearboxes or planetary gear sets.

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