Greene Tweed Announces New Seal for Aerospace Applications

L-Cap Seal from Greene Tweed.

L-Cap Seal from Greene Tweed.

August 25, 2020—
Greene Tweed, a leading global manufacturer of high-performance seals, thermoplastics, composites, and engineered components, has announced the release of its new L-Cap seal for hydraulic systems in aerospace applications. 

Made with proprietary Avalon PTFE, Arlon PEEK, and elastomer materials, Greene Tweed’s new L-Cap™ seal exceeds industry standards for performance and durability, ensuring long service life, minimal fluid leakage, and excellent performance across a broad temperature range.

Used in critical flight actuation systems, Greene Tweed’s L-Cap seal provides superior fluid sealing in hydraulic cylinders under extremely high pressures. The company’s proprietary Avalon PTFE, Arlon PEEK, and elastomer materials ensure high durability and minimal wear over the lifetime of an aircraft. Greene Tweed’s proprietary materials exceed the low-temperature performance requirements set forth by aviation industry standards without sacrificing high-temperature performance. 

Greene Tweed’s L-Cap seal also delivers unmatched leak prevention, exceeding customer requirements for minimizing hydraulic fluid leakage. In addition, L-Cap seals are easier to install than other aviation rod seals, thereby reducing actuation system failures upon initial startup.

Greene Tweed’s durable L-Cap seals function well in single- or dual-seal hydraulic cylinders and are designed to mitigate the pressure trap that can occur in dual-seal systems by enabling pressure relief, all without a complicated or costly seal design.

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