Intellidrives XY-Rotary System Meets Clean Room Demands

XY-Rotary system from Intellidrives.

XY-Rotary system from Intellidrives.

August 11, 2020—
The demand for a high accuracy stage is met with IntelLIDrives integrated XY-Rotary system that addresses the needs of scanning microscopy, wafer and printed circuit board inspection, semiconductor manufacturing and many others where precision is important. 

Very precise fine positioning and control is easily achieved with servo controllers compatible with EtherCAT,  CANOpen, RS-232, USB, Ethernet/IP interfaces.

These stages are fitted with Direct Drive Linear and Rotary axis for smooth scanning applications as well for fast index motions with fast settling time. High-resolution linear and rotary ring absolute encoders offer exceptional repeatability and stability over a range of operating conditions. 

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