KISSsoft Expands Application Areas for Software Tools

KISSsoft programs are used across the automotive market.

KISSsoft programs are used across the automotive market.

May 27, 2020—
The KISSsoft calculation program and its KISSsys system add-on are applicable in a wide range of fields. The software is well known for its accuracy and efficiency in many industries and has earned a leading position for its reliability.

KISSsoft is used in the industrial area for general purpose and heavy-duty gearboxes, mining and raw materials handling, cranes and winches, mill drives, servomotors, geared motors, robotics, spindle gears, and open gears or girth rims. Additionally, the shaft and bearing calculations can be seamlessly performed with separate modules.

Also, major automotive companies trust KISSsoft programs for their calculations. They are successfully used for transmissions in cars, trucks, buses, tractors, harvesters, motorbikes, three wheelers, RVs, for renowned motorsport, military and armored vehicles, construction vehicles, forklifts and engines.

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