TT Electronics Expands Line of Encoders and Potentiometers for Audio Industry

TT's 10 new product lines of potentiometers and encoders offer multiple features to meet myriad sound requirements.

TT's 10 new product lines of potentiometers and encoders offer multiple features to meet myriad sound requirements.

May 13, 2020—
TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, recently announced the addition of ten new product families to its professional audio portfolio. The portfolio expansion includes the introduction of five rotary potentiometer families, four slide potentiometers families, and one encoder series. These new parts are ideal for a variety of applications found in the professional audio industry, including electric guitars, amplifiers, mixers, drum machines, synthesizers, DJ equipment, recording studio controls, and audio/visual equipment. 

The new rotary potentiometer families (P161, P162, P163, P164, P165) are IP 40 rated and offer a wide range of resistance options, from 1KΩ to 1MΩ. These new products feature metal shaft and bushing as well as options for vertical or horizontal PCB mounting. 

The new slide potentiometer families (PSS1, PSS2, PSL2, and LM1001) offer slide travel options ranging from 20 mm to 100 mm, and a resistance range from 1KΩ to 1MΩ. The new LM1001 marks TT’s first motorized slide potentiometer, useful when the ability to jump to preset positions or physical feedback from virtual controllers is desired.

The EN09 encoder series is highly reliable with 10 pulses per rotation and a push-on switch option (non-latching). This series is also IP 40 rated. 

“The best music requires the best controls. TT Electronics delivers tight components without any noisy output or gritty feel,” says Barry Peters, vice president of product management and engineering, TT Electronics. “We are committed to meeting artists’ needs by offering various value-add options and customizations to our standard portfolio, including tighter tolerances, custom feel, and custom output.” 

TT Electronics has supplied components used in the design and assembly of professional audio equipment for many years. With a commitment to excellence, TT Electronics has a reputation in the professional audio industry for bringing quality, reliability, and value to an established customer base.

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