Fairloc Catalog D242 Available from Stock Drive Products

Fastening rotating components to shafts has become easier with the publication of a new 96-page catalog
May 29, 2007—Fastening rotating components to shafts has become easier with the publication of a new 96-page catalog "Handbook of Fairloc® Components, The Integral Fastener, D242" by Sterling Instrument and Stock Drive Products (ISO 9001 registered).

Fairloc® is designed to solve phasing, timing, positioning and frequent removal problems which conventional fastening methods, such as clamps, keyways, pins or set screws, cannot properly handle. The patented system offers several advantages including: built-in overload protection, full use of the bore, easy adjustment, compact self- contained design. With the Fairloc® system, the shaft remains smooth. It is also self-contained so there is no additional inventory to stock. The component can be easily adjusted and is fully supported.

Here is how it works. Two slots are machined into the hub, one oriented radially, the other angularly, to create a transverse wedge which remains attached to the solid portion of the hub on one side. The resultant cantilevered clamping section has a tapped hole to accept a cap screw which passes through a clearance hole in the solid portion of the hub, and into a threaded hole in the transverse wedge section. As the screw is tightened the cantilevered section clamps the shaft securely. The screw can be tightened and released repeatedly without marring the shaft or affecting its torque transmitting abilities.

The Fairloc® Components Catalog D242 includes

The 3,405 products in the catalog include inch and metric Fairloc®: hubs, spur gears, timing belt pulleys, couplings, shaft extenders, shaft collars, and dials. Featured in the catalog are timing belt pulleys which are shown in 6 pitches from .080" through 5.08 mm. The hub gears in the catalog represent the largest single product type and are shown in 120", 96", 80", 72", 64", 48", 32", and 24" Diametral Pitches and in Modules 0.5, 0.8, and 1. All products are available from off-the-shelf stock for immediate shipment.

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