Currax and Siemens Collaborate with Simotics Connect 400 to IDS Digital

Simotics Connect 400

Simotics Connect 400

March 24, 2020—
Currax and Siemens are moving to Industry 4.0 with their new pilot project using Simotics Connect 400. In the future, the innovative connectivity module will enable direct transfer of operating data to a cloud-based app that promises increased efficiency and extended component life.

“Thanks to this project, our customers will directly benefit from our Siemens Partner status,” says Daniel Assmann, managing director of Currax. In the pilot phase, the drive specialist puts the Box’s function to an acid test with selected individual customers, so that the best experience values are generated. All motor operating data are transmitted via WLAN directly to a web application without any structural changes. Regular data analysis enables plant operators to quickly and efficiently gain an overview of the operating conditions of their drive systems and to plan their service that would be consistent with the actual need. 

Until now, the Connection Box could only be purchased from Siemens 1LE5 Motors. In the future, it is expected to be also delivered with motors up to the frame size 100. It is then preassembled and can be put into operation directly. 

“Together with our app, which we are likely to launch this year, all related products for IDS Digital will be available to our customers,” Assmann continued.

Simotics Connect contains all sensors required for the acquisition of data on motor vibrations or temperature, a WLAN communication module and a battery for stand-alone operation. It processes and saves the acquired operating data and sends the same to a web application for cloud-based analysis. Consequently, special algorithms generate conclusive indicators that describe the condition of the motors. Based on this, concrete measures for action can be derived. Users can also achieve, if required, a higher reliability, availability and improved performance for existing motors.

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