Moventas Launches Wind Turbine Condition Management System

May 24, 2007—Moventas introduced its latest wind turbine condition management system at Hannover Messe 2007.

The system focuses on the gearbox and associated components and monitors operating parameters and changes that could indicate a possible failure mode. Key measurement parameters include oil quality, vibration, load and temperature. Continuous monitoring is handled by an electronic control system with software containing algorithms designed to assess overall performance. Information about the status of individual wind turbine gearboxes can be accessed remotely online. Each condition management system‚¬Ä”including the data entered‚¬Ä”is tailored to the specific requirements of the wind turbine operator.

The condition management system can be integrated into new turbine design or fitted to machines already in operation. Existing sensors may be integrated into the system that may already be fitted to a wind turbine. In all applications, Moventas offers a turnkey service that provides all the mechanical engineering, installation and connection so customers get the information about the status of each turbine's operation.

"Wind power production is growing extremely rapidly, at an annual rate of over 20%,‚¬Ä¬Ě says Jyrki Virtanen, senior vice president of Moventas. ‚¬ÄœIt is driven by increased need for energy, the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and also wind power's improved competitiveness resulting from technological advances."

According to the company's press release, Moventas invested 100 million euros in wind turbine gears and created approximately 100 new jobs this year.

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