Dana Introduces Range of Jack-up Gearboxes for Offshore Applications

New Brevini Winch Series from Dana.

New Brevini Winch Series from Dana.

December 10, 2019—
Dana Incorporated has announced the introduction of a complete range of Fairfield jack-up gearboxes for offshore applications, as well as the availability of eight new Brevini heavy-duty winch drives for the marine market. 
“Our technologies have delivered proven reliability and durability in the world’s most challenging working conditions, which is why manufacturers across the maritime industry have trusted Dana’s products for more than 30 years,” said Aziz Aghili, president of Dana Off-Highway Drive and Motion Technologies. “Our expanding portfolio and manufacturing footprint demonstrate how we are deepening our commitment to serving our marine customers.”

Jack-up Gearbox for Offshore Applications
Dana now offers a jack-up package for workboats and offshore platforms that combines a high-torque Fairfield jack-up drive with a hydraulic- or electric-powered motor. The jack-up gearboxes have maximum jack ratings that range from 68 to 2,250 kNm, and they meet the marine safety standards of leading global organizations such as the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), DNV GL, and the China Classification Society (CCS).

By sourcing a precisely matched drive and motor jack-up combination from Dana as a single supplier, customers can fully address all application requirements through an optimized selection of input configurations, output configurations, and ratios.

Dana Launches Production of Heavy-Duty Winch Drives
Available now, Dana’s new series of eight Brevini heavy-duty winch drives supports hydraulic or electric motor options, provides output torques from 80 to 450 kNm, and features a ratio range of up to 6.000:1.

Designed to meet major marine safety standards, the winch drives are used in auxiliary hoist systems for ship loaders, deck cranes, cable and pipe-laying tensioners, rubber tyre gantry (RTG) cranes, and other maritime equipment. 

Bevel Helical Gearbox for Port Handling Equipment
Dana produces Brevini bevel helical gearboxes for the drive systems of port handling equipment, including RTG cranes and automated stacking cranes.

Now manufactured in Yancheng, China, to accelerate delivery times to customers in the Asia-Pacific region, the gearboxes deliver maximum power and reliability within a cost-effective package.  

Dana’s Growing Support for Wide Spectrum of Marine Applications
Dana leverages its extensive engineering, design, and application expertise to produce drive and motion technologies that perform in harsh offshore and port environments.

Dana supplies motion products developed for high-efficiency working functions on cable- and pipe-laying vessels, cargo ships, subsea systems, oil platform equipment, remotely operated vehicle launch and recovery systems, and other offshore applications.

Also, Dana’s drive and motion products are used on a wide variety of harbor cranes and other lifting, moving, and stacking equipment for port handling applications. Dana’s product portfolio includes planetary and helical gear units, winches, and winch drives along with hydraulic solutions such as axial piston pumps and motors, proportional directional valves, and electronic controls.

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