Mitsubishi Electric Introduces Articulated-Arm Robot During SPS 2019

New articulated-arm robot for medium-level applications.

New articulated-arm robot for medium-level applications.

December 3, 2019—
Mitsubishi Electric is completing its range for robotics beginners and cost-conscious users with the MELFA RV-8CRL articulated arm model, which was shown for the first time recently in Europe at SPS 2019. This robot is an addition to the RH-CH Series SCARA robots, which also cater for low-to-medium complexity applications.

Cost-effective systems can be identified as an important trend in robotics - alongside safety, collaboration and programmability. To meet these demands, while reducing the investment required by existing and future customers, Mitsubishi Electric has developed the RV-8CRL articulated arm model. 

"To ensure that the total cost of ownership matches market demands, we have made sure that the quality and longevity of these cost-effective series models are in no way inferior to those of our high-end devices," says Oliver Giertz, product manager servo/motion and robotics for EMEA region at Mitsubishi Electric. 

"To be able to offer the RV-8CRL at an attractive price, we have optimized some manufacturing details. For example, we saved over 200 screw connections in this design and we are passing on this cost advantage to our customers."
With a load capacity of 8 kg and compact and functional design, the new medium-level model is suitable for a wide range of general applications. As far as user-friendliness is concerned, the new system does not differ from its top-of-the-range siblings: as with all MELFA robots, programming is carried out via the intuitive RT ToolBox 3 software. Seamless communication with other robots and devices will be possible by integration into a network.

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