SPS 2019 Preview: Mayr Power Transmission

The ROBA-servostop safety brakes are tailored to robotic requirements with their extremely thin construction design and low weight.

The ROBA-servostop safety brakes are tailored to robotic requirements with their extremely thin construction design and low weight.

November 20, 2019—
The ROBA-brake-checker module by Mayr Power Transmission is not only able to monitor and supply safety brakes without the use of sensors—it also supplies data, and therefore provides intelligent safety. At the SPS 2019 in Nuremberg, the company is presenting new designs of the module (Hall 4, Stand 278). This opens up new possibilities for brake monitoring – in particular also for safety brakes in servomotors and for applications in the fields of robotics and automation.

The ROBA-servostop series is ideal for installation into servomotors. A special hollow shaft design in slim constructional design and of a low weight has been especially tailored to requirements in robotic applications. In addition, the company has a fluid-free linear brake in its portfolio with its ROBA-linearstop in electromagnetic design, which has been designed to secure gravity-loaded vertical axes. This brake type is used in applications in which compressors or units for compressed air or oil hydraulics are not available or are unwanted - such as in the field of medical technology or the food or pharmaceutical industry, where high hygiene standards are required. 

The ROBA-brake-checker module works without sensors. It detects the movement of the armature disk through extended analysis of current and voltage, and knows what condition the brake is in. In addition to the switching condition, temperature and wear, the ROBA-brake-checker also monitors the pull-in distance or tensile force reserve, i.e. whether the magnet is still able to attract the armature disk. With the new module, substantially more parameters are thus depicted than with microswitches and sensors. On reaching the tensile force reserve, the ROBA-brake-checker emits a warning signal early enough so that a certain operating time for the brake is still possible.

With its ROBA-brake-checker, Mayr Power Transmission offers an intelligent solution for the sensorless monitoring of electromagnetic brakes in its standard portfolio. "Users are able to integrate the module easily and quickly into machines and systems without having to intervene in the 'converter' or 'control' components," explains Product Manager Andreas Merz. "In this way they don’t take any risks as they don’t have to validate limit values and data themselves. We supply the ROBA-brake-checker ready for installation and test all values beforehand. For users, this means a plug-and-play solution, so to speak."

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