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AD is a community of growth-oriented distributors and suppliers; spanning 7 industries and 3 countries with annual sales exceeding $31 Billion. We prove time and again that as strong as we each are alone; together, we win Read more Or visit

Gleason Plastic Gears
We are a total solution manufacturer of the most accurate and economical plastic gears on the market - guaranteed! There are only a handful of companies that manufacture plastic gears and specialize both in Plastic Gear Design and the production of Injection Molded Gears. Gleason Plastic Gears is on the top of the plastic gears manufacturer list for one simple reason, we have the technology others do not. Plastic Gear Design and Injection Molded Plastic Gears including: spur gears, parallel-axis helical gears, crossed-axis helical gears, internal gears, planetary gears, face gears, cycloidal gears, evoloid gears, segment gears, non-circular gears, and asymmetrical gears, all by Gleason Plastic Gears Gleason Plastic Gears has discovered how to injection mold plastic gears with no weld-lines without secondary machining. Ask other plastic gear manufacturers if they can do the same and you will probably get a multitude of complex answers. Read more Or visit

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