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Taiwan United Gear Co., Ltd.
TUGear (TAIWAN UNITED GEAR) - Leading gear copanies in Taiwan. 50 years in design and manufacturing. Latest facility (LIEBHERR, GLEASON-PFAUTER, REISHAUER, HOFLER, KLINGELNBERG) - high precision and low prices. TUGear has kept its promises to clients and established lasting relationships built on trust. In an increasingly competitive market, TUGear will prove to become your most reliable business partner. Read more Or visit

Additional Suppliers of Automotive Axles

Agro Engineers
Akgears, LLC
Comtec Mfg., Inc.
Currie Enterprises
Kinematics Manufacturing, Inc.
PTD Outlet: Power Transmission Distributors
Sam Gears India
Varitron Enginnering (Taiwan) Co., Ltd