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Smalley Steel Ring Company - Smalley Steel Ring Company manufactures Spirolox® Retaining Rings and Smalley Wave Springs. Spiral/Spirolox rings are interchangeable with stamped ring grooves; require no special tooling for removal. Wave springs reduce heights by 50%, with equal force/deflection as standard coil springs.  Fit in tight radial/axial spaces.  10,000 stock parts, carbon/stainless steel.  Specials from .160"- 120"; No-Tooling-Charges.555 Oakwood Road
Lake Zurich, IL 60047
Phone: (847) 719-5900
Fax: (847) 719-5999
Contact: Ken Massett, VP Sales


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Smalley Steel Ring Company is a manufacturer of Spirolox® Retaining Rings, Constant Section Rings and Wave Springs. Spirolox Rings, also known as Spiral Rings offer a 360° retaining surface and are interchangeable with standard stamped ring grooves. Spirolox retaining rings require no special tooling for removal and have No Ears to Interfere® with the assembly. Flat wire wave springs reduce heights by up to 50% while offering the same force and deflection as standard coil springs. Wave springs fit in tight radial and axial spaces. With over 10,000 standard parts to select from, all Smalley parts are available in carbon and stainless steel off the shelf. Special parts can range from .160"¯ to 120"¯ in diameter. There are No-Tooling-Charge on specials. Exotic alloys are readily available.


Wave/Compression Springs:
Smalley Wave Springs offer the unique advantage of space savings when used to replace coil springs. By reducing spring operating height, wave springs also produce a decrease in the spring cavity. With a smaller assembly size and less material used in the manufacturing process, a cost savings is realized.

Wave springs operate as load bearing devices. They take up play and compensate for dimensional variations within assemblies. A virtually unlimited range of forces can be produced whereby loads build either gradually or abruptly to reach a predetermined working height. This establishes a precise spring rate in which load is proportional to deflection.

Spirolox® Retaining Rings:
Spirolox Retaining Rings, available exclusively from Smalley, have No Ears To Interfere® with the mating components in the assembly. Spiral rings offer a 360° retaining surface, require no special tooling for removal and are interchangeable with ordinary snap ring grooves.

Constant Section Rings:
Constant Section Rings are often specified for heavy duty or impact loading applications. Smalley offers eight series of rings from stock in over 1,000 sizes.

Hoopster Rings:
New from Smalley, Hoopster Rings fit into much shallower grooves than regular snap rings or retaining rings. Hoopster Retaining Rings are suitable for light to heavy loads and are ideal for thin wall tubes.

Manufacturing Process: Smalley offers an exclusive Circular-Grain® Process. This process is not a stamping, but rather a continuous coil that is made from edge-wound, pre-hardened, spring-tempered flat wire. The flat wire has a grain structure that is linear, providing exceptional strength and dimensional stability. Smalley™s unique manufacturing process reduces scrap allowing for the economical production of special alloy products including a large selection of stainless steel retaining rings and wave springs.

No-Tooling-Costā„¢ Process: Smalley™s Circular-Grain® Process offers unusual flexibility in production. There is no special tooling needed, even for prototype or custom configurations. This results in low prototype cost and quick deliveries.

Free Samples: Smalley will send samples of catalog items for your evaluation, free of charge. To make a request, simply go to From you can request free samples, catalogs, download CAD models and request design assistance or design your own application specific ring or spring.