GoHz Power Supply Inc

720S. Michigan ave
Chicago, IL 60605
Phone: +1 (312) 957-6086
Contact: Greg, General Manager

Web: www.gohz.com

GoHz Inc., founded in 2009, registered at Michigan Chicago USA, is a manufacturers-based online shop in Static 50Hz 60Hz Frequency Converters, Power Inverters, VFDs, Soft Starters etc. We are capable to provide experienced technical solutions for our customers. If you're location supply frequency is 50Hz, then 25Hz will be half speed, which on your variable torque pump load, will only require 12-25% the power it would need at full speed, therefore, you are saving significant energy too. Frankly We are stuck to our system frequency, say 50Hz in India and Europe and 60Hz power supply in USA, We have no choice. However, theoretically a transformer at 60Hz could deliver more power if 20% higher Voltage (as compared to 50Hz) is applied. This would drive the transformer core magnetic loading to the same level as 50Hz at lower Voltage; however the eddy and hysteresis losses would be higher, as such I would suggest a 5-10% lower current loading. More information on http://www.gohz.com