Voith Turbo Inc

Voith Turbo Inc - Connecting Forces and Driving Innovation.  Day after day, Voith Turbo contributes to moving millions of people, goods and machines, reliably. Our highly advanced power transmission technologies transmit and control control powers under the most extreme of conditions, safely and  efficiently.  We are a leading specialist for drive technology, creating value for our customers based on solid competencies in Hydrodynamics, Hydraulics, Complex mechanical systems, Integrated electronics, and complete system solutions.25 Winship Road
York, PA 17406
Phone: 7177673200
Fax: 7177673210
Contact: Paul Barlow, VP Coupling Technologies

Web: www.usa.voithturbo.com

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Voith Turbo specializes in the design, manufacture and servicing of high performance drive system equipment. From drive components to electronic drive systems, technology from Voith Turbo impacts a wide variety of markets and industries. Voith Turbo’s advanced technologies are uniquely designed to transmit and control powers under extreme conditions maximizing safety and resources for customers around the world.

Incorporated in the United States in 1976, Voith Turbo’s expertise encompasses two business units - Industry and Mobility - connecting our customers to power transmission solutions – complete product units to spare parts, service and support.

Voith Turbo-Industry

Voith Turbo-Industry’s expertise spans a full range of solutions to ensure efficiency and reliability in drive systems across a number of applications including pumps and compressors in the power, oil and gas, and the metals and mining markets. From the newVoreconNX and BHS AeroMaXX, to Voith’s innovative family of couplings and coupling monitoring solutions, Voith combines technology and expertise to create maximum cost-efficiency and operational improvement across the drive system – regardless of the industry.

Voith Turbo-Mobility

Voith Turbo-Mobility’s innovative vehicle and marine offerings provide the most flexible, performance-focused capabilities on land and at sea. For land-based needs Voith Turbo Mobility offers a full range of products including the DIWA line of bus and rail transmissions, as well as brake and retarder options, all designed to increase efficiency and decrease costs. At sea, Voith offers leading marine-industry technology including the Voith Water Tractor, the Voith Schneider Propeller and Inline Thruster as well as SubSea technology. In any either environment, Voith offers the engineering excellence necessary to meet and exceed the demands of customers the world over.

About Voith

Voith Turbo is a member of the Voith group of companies, a nearly 150-year-old German business that is one of the largest family-owned companies in Europe. Voith is a global leader for innovative technologies across a variety of fields and the company’s global manufacturing footprint, research and development efforts impact five essential market areas: energy, oil and gas, raw materials, transport, and automotive.

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