Chongqing IIYOU Industries Co., Ltd.

Ping Shan Industrial Area, Wansheng EDZ
Wansheng, Chongqing 400800
Phone: 0086 23 86076420
Fax: 0086 23 86076419


CHONGQING IIYOU INDUSTRIES Co., Ltd is a Sino-Italian Joint Venture company established in 2006 to manufacture high quality transmission and differential gears to the Automotive, Agricultural and Industrial Systems Industry. IIYOU Industries today is a small size manufacturing company, placed in a 9,000sqm facility, built on a 25000sqm fully owned land in the new Ping Shan Industrial Area in Wansheng, Chongqing. IIYOU Industries employees are, so far, 75 people, working based on 2-3 shifts, 6 days per week. ISO TS16949 certified since 2009. Currently 75% of the company turnover is OEM production (China, USA). CHONGQING IIYOU INDUSTRIES Co., Ltd. can process: CNC Turning – CNC Hobbing (modul 1-8mm, inner / outer Ø max. 450mm) CNC Shaping (modul 1-8mm, inner / outer Ø max 400mm) Gleason Hypoid Spiral Bevel Gears cutting, lapping, testing CNC Vertical Machining Center Gears Shaving CNC Chamfering Grinding Internal, External and Cones Tooth Grinding by REISHAUER Press Quenching Parts Assembling