Cross + Morse

Shady Lane
Great Barr
Birmingham, West Midlands B44 9EU
Phone: +(44) 0121 360 0155
Fax: +(44) 0121 325 1079
Contact: Cross+Morse, Power Transmission Solutions


Cross & Morse are Power Transmission Manufacturers based in Birmingham, England. Our aim is to provide you with transmission solutions utilizing over 100 years of experience. The standard product range includes: Roller Chain and Sprockets in both stainless and carbon steel; Gears; Couplings; Torque Limiters; Sprag Clutches; Timing Pulleys & Belts; Inverted Tooth Chain drives; Silent Chain; Sealmaster Bearings; Shaft Clamping Elements; Freewheel & Overload Clutches; Conveyor Sprockets; Bevel Gears.