EIC Industry Group Corp.

53 Green Pond Road Suite 3
Rockaway, NJ 07866
Phone: (973) 983-1988
Fax: (973) 983-2688
Contact: Thomas Marrie, sales engineer

Web: www.eicind.com

EIC Industry Corporation is a U.S. based company with plant facilities in the Shanghai China. We, manufacture, engineer and distribute high quality, competitively priced, OEM, custom component parts. In addition to our own manufacturing operations EIC also acts as exclusive agents to North America for several other manufacturers with diverse capabilities. Together our facilities employ over 1,500 people including more than 160 engineering and technical staff. The facilities have certifications which include ISO 9001, TS 16949 and Six-Sigma. Our capabilities begin with manufacturing and assembly of custom made items of all shapes and sizes using processes such as stamping, machining, tubing, casting, forging, thermoplastics, thermoset and cold forming. We make offshore production simple by handling the complete process, from inception to delivery of the final product to your warehouse. EIC is a full-service company head-quartered in New Jersey. Sales and customer service, located in this facility, are able to provide our customers with prompt responses as a result of direct communications with our Shanghai staff and plants. Our two warehouse distribution centers are conveniently located in New Jersey and Texas, near the Mexican border, providing service to our customers needs both in the U.S. and Mexico. Our staff in China includes engineering and quality control personnel who are independent of plant engineering. This insures an objective view of production quality and process. To insure that our customers are provided with the best possible freight rates and delivery schedules EIC has ownership in an export/logistics company that provides consolidation services and on time shipping to locations in the U.S. and all of North America. EIC has been successful by offering top of the line quality product, stringent quality control, competitive pricing, and superior service for more than twelve years. Our customer list includes Fortune 500 companies and small privately owned companies alike. We specialize in parts such as shafts, blower wheels, stationary fans, impellers, bearings, housings and other products with unique and diverse shapes. All of our products are backed with superior service throughout the process, to when the goods have been delivered to your warehouse and beyond. Production Processes and Capabilities Stamping; Progressive Die; Punching; Beading; Laser Cutting; CNC Stamping; Forming ; Four Slide/Multi-Slide/Vertical Forming; Tubing; Expanding; Reducing; Bending; CNC Bending; Castings; Die Castings; Sand casting; Permanent mold casting; Ferrous and Non-ferrous Investment casting; Cold Forming; Multiple-Die Forming; Thermoplastics; Injection molding; Injection blow molding; Insert molding; Machining of plastics; Plastic Welding; Assembly; Machining; CNC machining; Milling; CNC lathing; Crush grinding; Centerless grinding; In-Machine welding & Tapping; Forging; Hot and Cold Forging; Open and Closed Die; Thermoset; Resin transfer molding; SMC /DMC molding Equipment CNC Crush Grinder, CNC Lathe, CNC Mill, Thread Rolling, Die Casting Machine with 850 Ton Capacity, Hydraulic Press with 300 Ton Capacity: 5 Axle Brake Press, Tube Bending Machine Materials Stamped, Machined and Tubing products Stainless Steel, Steel, Alloys, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper Casting Aluminum Alloy, Copper Alloy, Ductile Iron, Gray Iron, Iron, Steel, Yellow Brass Finishes Aluminum, Steel, Anodized, Black Nickel, Black Oxide, Black Zinc, Chrome, Electro Tin, Galvanized, Nickel, Polished Brass, Zinc EIC Standard Practices Short & Long Runs, Quick Turnaround, Blanket Order Releases, Drop Shipments, Quality Assurance, Initial Sample Submission, Lot Control, Secondary Operations, Importation, Freight and Logistics Handling, Documentation Processing, Superior Customer Support, Adherence to Confidentiality Standards, We always meet or exceed all standards and requirements.