The Digital Experience with Regal Beloit

The Digital Experience with Regal Beloit

Regal Beloit Corporation recently announced it is now putting QR codes on Sealmaster and Browning mounted bearings products and bearing boxes including Browining, McGill, Rollway, Sealmaster and System Plast. Customers now have access to product specifications, including all critical dimensions and features, and the Regal 2D and 3D CAD libraries, installation and maintenance instructions, and much more. PTE recently caught up with Dan Phillips, CMRP, technical director, monitoring and diagnostics, Regal Beloit, to discuss the company’s digital strategies moving forward.

PTE: Explain how Regal’s QR codes make it easier to improve the customer experience in 2021.

Phillips: Regal continues to look for ways to improve the customer experience. For instance, the company has added QR codes to products so that customers can easily scan them to access a mobile-friendly version of our website for additional product information. From the landing page, a user can receive direction on where to find additional production information, how to register the bearing for an extended warranty, where to obtain maintenance and installation information, and learn where to make a purchase. Where possible, these QR codes are applied to Regal mounted bearing products and will soon be added to Regal gearing products. If not found directly on the product, these QR codes can also be found on our bearing boxes.

Regal has also launched the Perceptiv Tag-It program. Utilizing QR codes which plant personnel can apply to motors, speed reducers, bearings and other mechanical equipment, users can track assets, consolidate inventory, speed up the replacement order process, and upgrade to Regal remote monitoring and diagnostics services.

PTE: What other digital tools and strategies is Regal implementing in the coming months?

Phillips: In 2020, Regal merged several product/brand websites into, and we will continue to enhance the tools and functionalities on the site.  We continue to work to improve our customer digital experience and our currently upgrading our eCommerce platform and selection tools to product a streamlined integrated mobile-friendly experience.

PTE: How is smart manufacturing (IIoT, Industry 4.0, etc.) changing the way Regal conducts business? Describe the benefits of collecting more data from power transmission components via sensors, software etc.

Phillips: At Regal, we continue to embrace the evolution to smart manufacturing, and our Perceptiv monitoring and diagnostics lead the way. Our team utilizes remote monitoring for some of our customers’ critical equipment, providing real-time alerts and monthly performance reports. Fully integrating all of a facility’s mechanical components is possible, and we work with our customers to evaluate the cost benefits and overall ROI of doing so. For some, having their critical equipment monitored is enough, while others integrate our components into their existing smart ecosystem.

PTE: How has the pandemic altered your approach to digital solutions and strategies?

Phillips: Because the Regal PTS group had already migrated its digital tools to the new and continues to focus on improving the customer experience, we were ready for the remote interaction that the pandemic brought and the increased number of customers seeking information on our site. Less on-premises customer interaction in 2020 not only led to increased video conferencing, but also a strong focus on Perceptiv remote monitoring, which allows our team to help customers monitor the equipment in their facilities. We also expanded the Regal Training Academy.

PTE: What are the greatest strengths of Regal’s mobile apps? How will these apps evolve in the coming years?

Phillips: The key focus of our mobile apps is putting information in the hands of our users via their ease of use. Our most popular and oldest app is the Browning HVAC Toolbox Technician App, and in 2020 we launched the Regal PT Mobile App. Both provide quick access to production, information, product interchanges and helpful tools. The Regal PT Mobile App allows users to register their Regal bearings for an extended warranty and then utilize its simple asset management function to schedule and track maintenance.

In 2021, we will be adding our gearing and component products to the Regal PT Mobile App. We will also expand the Perceptiv Mobile App, which allows users of our Tag-It program or remote monitoring to access information from their smartphone, laptop or desktop. In addition, we plan to continue to deploy mobile-friendly tools on the Regal website.


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