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Motor Matters with George Holling

Engineering in the Modern Age

There is a growing social chasm developing in society in general that we will have to address: the value of formal education. When I grew up this never was an

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SPS IPC Drives 2018

SPS IPC Drives (November 27-29 in Nuremberg, Germany), covers the entire spectrum of smart and digital automation – from simple sensors to intelligent solutions, from what is feasible today to

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Chain-Stretch Monitoring System Prevents Plant Downtime

Chain drives are a critical part of the manufacturing process in many industries, whether the chains act as conveyors for glass containers or transport automotive frames down kilometer-long production lines.

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Future of E-Mobility

Schaeffler Touts System Solutions and Electrification at Detroit Symposium Mobility for Tomorrow was the theme of the Schaeffler Symposium in Detroit, Michigan that took place on September 6th.  The event

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Hannover Messe USA: What We Learned

The East Hall—home to Hannover Messe USA— took a systematic approach to manufacturing, highlighting the smart components and techniques that will be integral in developing the digital factory of the

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Harnessing Reliable Wind Energy with Gearing Solutions

As the wind comes sweeping down the plains of America these days, it passes through fields of wind turbines. As the energy market turns towards renewable sources of energy, many

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Thermal Growth Issues and Solutions for Shaft Couplings

Nick Agius, National Rotating Equipment/ACHE Product Specialist, Motion Canada I have been researching “Thermal Growth” issues for decades across North America. Many refineries and chemical plants are built with large

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Bearing Sourcing: Investigate Here

Steve Katz, president, Emerson Bearing Boston One significant and challenging issue that MROs and OEMs face is premature bearing failure in equipment. Many require bearings that can stand up to

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ABM Supplies AC Induction Motors for Autonomous Mobility

NAVYA has been developing innovative, environmentally-friendly, sustainable mobility solutions since 2014. The company, based in Villeurbanne, Lyon, France, builds driverless electric vehicles that move autonomously on defined routes. “We created

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Evolution of Cooling Tower Gearboxes

Written by: Jerome Jennings, global product manager, SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. Industries that require process heat rejection often use field-erected cooling towers to keep pace with their heat load. Cooling