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Hannover Messe 2.0

(Main image courtesy of Deutsche Messe, 2018) Hannover Messe 2019 will focus on the integration, digitization and interconnection of industrial technologies transforming manufacturing today. The lead theme for Hannover Messe

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Cement Backer Board Plant Utilizes Oil Shear Clutch Brakes

Stan Porter, Force Control Industries & Jim Wahl, Wahl Marketing Communications Fin Pan Inc. (Hamilton, Ohio) is an industry leader in the commercial and residential construction products market. They are

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Construction Time Again

Bauma 2019 Examines Sustainability, Digitization and Energy Efficiency Bauma 2019 (April 8-14, Munich, Germany) is a complete overview of the construction, building materials and mining machinery industry giving attendees access

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Servo Needs a Solid Footing

Donald P. Labriola II, president and founder of QuickSilver Controls, Inc. For a servo system, it is important to remember that the servo responds to what its feedback sensor is

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Improperly Testing Belt Tension Can Easily Damage Small Motors

Donald P. Labriola II, president and founder of QuickSilver Controls, Inc. Most of us want to just instinctively squeeze a belt between a pair of pulleys to test the belt

Motor Matters with George Holling

Engineering in the Modern Age

There is a growing social chasm developing in society in general that we will have to address: the value of formal education. When I grew up this never was an

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SPS IPC Drives 2018

SPS IPC Drives (November 27-29 in Nuremberg, Germany), covers the entire spectrum of smart and digital automation – from simple sensors to intelligent solutions, from what is feasible today to

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Chain-Stretch Monitoring System Prevents Plant Downtime

Chain drives are a critical part of the manufacturing process in many industries, whether the chains act as conveyors for glass containers or transport automotive frames down kilometer-long production lines.

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Future of E-Mobility

Schaeffler Touts System Solutions and Electrification at Detroit Symposium Mobility for Tomorrow was the theme of the Schaeffler Symposium in Detroit, Michigan that took place on September 6th.  The event

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Hannover Messe USA: What We Learned

The East Hall—home to Hannover Messe USA— took a systematic approach to manufacturing, highlighting the smart components and techniques that will be integral in developing the digital factory of the