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Freudenberg Sealing Develops Thermally Conductive Elastomer for Electric Cars

Wherever a lot of computing is performed or high currents flow, large amounts of waste heat are generated. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has developed a material that combines seemingly contradictory properties:

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The Latest in E-Mobility Technologies

This sidebar examines some of the latest E-Mobility products and technologies from companies like Schaeffler, Eaton and Dana. Check out the full article in the April issue of Power Transmission

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What Does the Future Hold for the Automotive Industry?

We all want to know the answer to this question as it tells us as a business where to invest our R&D development, steers us to consider what key technologies

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The Electric Evolution

The challenges remain the same regarding the electrification of the automotive industry. A majority of the CTI Symposium USA event in Novi, Michigan focused on areas like battery life, battery

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ABM Supplies AC Induction Motors for Autonomous Mobility

NAVYA has been developing innovative, environmentally-friendly, sustainable mobility solutions since 2014. The company, based in Villeurbanne, Lyon, France, builds driverless electric vehicles that move autonomously on defined routes. “We created