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Ask These 10 Questions to Innovate with Purpose

Regal Beloit Examines Product Design in the PT and Motion Control Industry Too frequently a product is developed and then the manufacturer looks for a market or a customer or

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I-MAK Examines Causes of Gearbox Failure

In a world of optimization and digitization where factories are trying to reduce costs and downtime, the demand for identification of basic gearbox failures can help save money and time.

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Force Control Oil Shear Crane Brake Solves Maintenance Headache

Brake Upgrade Fixes Manufacturing Challenges at SAF Working three shifts around the clock throughout the week doesn’t leave time in the schedule for production downtime in Southern Aluminum Finishing’s anodizing

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Cortec Enhances Corrosion Control Protection Offerings

Cortec is globally committed to providing corrosion solutions that are both cost-effective and environmentally-sound. The organization has stepped up its efforts in recent months as the pandemic has forced plant

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Shrink Your Start-to-Finish Time

Boosting Productivity in Gearbox Design with Siemens Digital An increasing awareness of environmental concerns has given rise in the automotive industry to more stringent energy efficiency and emissions targets. However,

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The Evolution of AGVs

Konrad Lorenz won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1973 for his experiments with animal behavior. Lorenz discovered the principle of imprinting, where a bond is formed between

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Force Control Dynamometers Suitable for High-Torque, Low-Speed Testing

High torque, low-speed testing is often a challenge for dynamometers equipped with traditional load brakes. Testing which requires the brake to absorb significant horsepower and torque but at low to

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From Walkarounds to Wireless Monitoring

Advances in condition monitoring technology means maintenance and operations teams can spend less time collecting data, and more time acting on it, says Chris James, product line manager for permanently

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Romax Improves Reckon Drive Product Reliability with Software

The shift towards electric drivetrains has created unprecedented demand for new transmission architectures across numerous vehicle platforms at a time when subject matter expertise is at a premium. When developing

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Done-In-One Roller Bearing Measurement Solution

Roller bearings have to fulfil a variety of different tasks. They have to provide high stability for shafts while providing low power losses and a high durability. Therefore the requirements