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From Walkarounds to Wireless Monitoring

Advances in condition monitoring technology means maintenance and operations teams can spend less time collecting data, and more time acting on it, says Chris James, product line manager for permanently

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Motor Sizing for Unusual Loads

One of the fun parts of the motion industry is involvement in popular movies! Motor specifications can be a bit rough: “I need to spin a 120-pound actor (and chair)

Editors Choice

Romax Improves Reckon Drive Product Reliability with Software

The shift towards electric drivetrains has created unprecedented demand for new transmission architectures across numerous vehicle platforms at a time when subject matter expertise is at a premium. When developing

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Signs of a Noisy Reference – Using Successive Approximation ADCs

High speed ADCs have become quite inexpensive and are commonly deployed. Care needs to be done when analyzing their outputs to determine sources of noise. Whereas noise at the input