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What is a Voice Coil Actuator?

A voice coil actuator, also known as a non-commutated DC linear actuator, is a type of direct drive linear motor. The name “voice coil” comes from one of its historically

Motor Matters with George Holling

The Gizmo Society

It is hard these days to find any device that is not IoT-compatible or WiFi-connected. I recently had a new well pump installed that requires an iPhone for setup, which

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Five Initiatives to Develop and Keep Workforce Talent

Written by Peter Feil, vice president, general manager at Stober Drives, Inc. The bright lights of the big city can make finding skilled workers difficult for businesses located in rural

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Performance Demands of Motion Control Applications

The following looks at the latest motion control products and technologies from Rockwell Automation, Power Jack Motion, B&R Automation and Beckhoff. For more on the latest power transmission engineering news