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Meter Bearings Upgrades System Analytics

A global organization, Meter Bearings comprises offices and production centers in China, Germany, and the United States, with their headquarters in Italy. Their Italian office, Meter S.p.A., is the center

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Just Keep Swimming

How do you keep animatronic characters moving in chemically-treated water? This was the engineering challenge Disneyland faced with the colorful and eccentric props utilized in the theme park’s Finding Nemo

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Plastic Gears Take On Heavier Loads Under Harsher Conditions

Nylon gears, acetal (also known by the brand name Delrin) gears, and UHMW gear racks were originally introduced to the market to fill niche applications; however, this is no longer the case

Editors Choice

Buying Gear Drives? Try Gear Expo

Gear Expo is right around the corner, and that means that pretty soon all things gearing will be squarely in the spotlight. Custom gear manufacturing services, design software, gearboxes and