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Spreading the Word

Randy Stott,
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

The core of our mission here at Power Transmission Engineering is to publish information related to the technology of mechanical power transmission, and we’re always looking for ways to expand and improve how we do so.

In the old days, to publish meant simply printing articles in the magazine. And we believe the printed word will always be central to what we do. Many of you have told us you still prefer to hold the magazine in your hands or spread it out on your desk. Much of what we publish requires quiet time, concentration and focus to truly absorb and appreciate the information. So rest assured, we’ll continue producing this publication on paper for as long as you keep asking for it that way.

At the same time, the world has changed, and many of you want access to information in different ways now. You prefer to receive shorter updates in your e-mail or on social media. You want to watch technology-related videos or read the magazine on your phone or tablet. Believe me, we get it. And we’re constantly working to improve how we bring you the same high quality technical information in digital formats.

Coming up soon, we have a great opportunity to do just that. At the Motion+Power Technology Expo (September 14-16 in St. Louis), we’ll be exhibiting along with the rest of the American Gear Manufacturers Association team in booth #2813. Our editors will be roaming the floor and conducting live interviews with technical experts from a wide variety of companies, including the many gear, gear drive, bearing and other mechanical power transmission suppliers who will be there. But instead of recording the answers in those cute little notebooks reporters like to use, we’ll be video recording these interviews so you can hear for yourselves what the experts have to say.

We absolutely hope to see you at the show. It’s a great event for anyone who routinely designs, manufactures or specifies gears, because the complete supply chain will be represented. But we understand that even in years when the world has not been trying to emerge from a pandemic, many of you have been unable to make it. So this year we’re going to bring the show to you.

We’re going to ask the questions you would ask if you were there. We’re going to help you understand the technology in ways that will allow you to make informed decisions about which suppliers to use. We’re going to spread the word about the latest technologies.

So if there are certain subjects you want us to tackle, or even certain exhibitors you want us to interview, please let me know ( so I can incorporate your needs into our schedule. If you have questions you need answered, we’ll ask the appropriate experts. It will be almost like having a remote-control editor at your disposal!

Likewise, if you are exhibiting at MPT Expo and you have experts on your team you’d like us to interview, the best way to make sure it happens is to e-mail me at so we can schedule a time for our crew to visit your booth.

You can learn about some of the gear manufacturers who will be exhibiting at the show by reading our article on page 28. We’ll also have more coverage in the August issue of Gear Technology, the September issue of PTE or online at and For more information, you can also visit

No matter what, you can count on us to keep spreading the word, in every way possible.

The article "Spreading the Word" appeared in the August 2021 issue of Power Transmission Engineering.