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   Power Transmission Technology Update        October 2013

Fiber Optic Junction Boxes Protect Optical Links In Harsh Environments

Micronor MR398-JB series Fiber Optic Junction Boxes are designed to join two fiber optic cables and environmentally protect the connection. The product provides system designers with a turnkey solution for installing optical interconnections along an optical link for deploying Micronor fiber optic encoders as well as other harsh environment, fiber optic applications. The junction boxes can accommodate varying diameters of fiber optic cable and range of optical connectors -ST, LC Duplex and ODVA IP-LC...

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Reduce Spring Height by 50%

Smalley Wave Springs can replace conventional coil springs while occupying only half the space and providing the same force and deflection. Over 4,000 springs available from stock in carbon and stainless steel or utilize Smalley's No-Tooling-Cost™ manufacturing process on special designs, available from .200" to 120". Samples available for testing...

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Protection from Vibration

Silicone Gel cylindrical/base mounts provide superior dampening of low frequency vibration which is difficult to isolate with conventional rubber mounts. Find the vibration and isolation technology suitable for your application at Advanced Antivibration Components...

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Turntable Drive Solutions

Redex-Andantex MSR 2- speed gearboxes offer ready-to-use drive technology for either continuous rotation (turning) or accurate positioning (C-Axis) of vertical lathe turntables. Combining a MSD 2-speed gearbox with high quality spiral bevel gearbox, eliminates the need for a complex & expensive gearbox with a clutching mechanism for C-Axis...

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AAC Levels it All

Advanced Antivibration Components now carries the largest selection of built-to-last Industrial Leveling Foot Mounts available. Whether your machinery is: light, medium or heavy weight; requiring adjustability, vibration isolation, non-slip pad or washdown - an AAC leveler can address the problem. Whatever your requirement is - AAC levels it all...

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Mach III Clutch Updates Logo

40+ year old manufacturer of air and spring engaged friction clutches, brakes and mechanical torque limiters, has a new corporate logo...

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