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   Power Transmission Technology Update        August 2013

NEW! CILS High-Performance Rating Plate Labels - No More Time-Consuming Riveted Metal Plates!

Printable 'in seconds' straight from your Laser, Inkjet or Thermal Transfer printer, CILS-9200 ultra durable metalized labels permanently adhere to all smooth, textured, powder-coated & cast-metal surfaces - Perfect for motors/drives, pumps, valves/actuators, etc! Resistant to: +388°C, oil/fuel, hydraulic/brake fluid, chemicals/solvents, abrasion, etc. Any size, shape & pre-printed design! ...

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Power One - German Quality and Precision Couplings

Power One offers a wide array of couplings ranging from Disc Couplings, Metal Bellows, Safety Couplings, Locking Assemblies and many more. With backlash-free, corrosion resistant, and maintenance-free characteristics, along with competitive pricing, quick delivery and fast quotes, engineers will maximize productivity, efficiency, and costs in many applications and industries...

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Advanced Antivibration Components, Silicone Gel Mounts

Cylindrical/Base type mounts provide superior dampening of low frequency vibration which is difficult to isolate with conventional rubber mounts. These are suitable for medical applications such as diagnostic imaging camera/optics, pumps, compressors, and fans with load range of .9 lb to 55 lb and operating temperature of -40°F to +392°F....

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Fiber Optic Rotary Encoders for Harsh and Hazardous Environments

Micronor's Fiber Optic Absolute and Incremental Encoders outperform resolvers and electronics-based encoders in challenging environments. The innovative passive sensor design provides immunity to EMI and lightning, EX inherent safety, operates over a wider temperature range and transmits over longer distances. Interface options include A/B quadrature, SSI, Modbus RTU, USB, RS485, RS232, Digital Set Points and Programmable Analog Outputs (4-20mA and 0-10V). Now offering industry-standard harsh environment ODVA Industrial IP-LC optical connector on some models...

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Clutches with Integral Pulleys

Installation is quick and simple with a Mach III air engaged friction clutch that includes the exact pulley you specify. Models are available in torque capacities to 41,000 pound inches and bore sizes to 3.5 inches with pulleys for a variety of belt types and sizes...

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GN 751 Metric Fork Heads from J.W. Winco, Inc.

Used mainly with pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders. Available with circlip, snap-on securing collar, or release pin. Fork body zinc-plated, blue passivated steel. Snap-on securing collar version zinc-plated steel. Circlip type also available in stainless steel. Circlip and pin versions made according to DIN 71782, with DIN 471 circlip and pin...

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Versatile 3-In-1 Leveling Mounts

AAC Leveling Carry Mounts' 3-IN-1 feature is unmatched by the competition. The unique spoked-wheel design allows adjustability and isolation when the ball is retracted and mobility of machinery when turned counterclockwise. With unsurpassed stability, they are available at 441 lb and 1323 lb max loads...

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Ogura Updates Magnetic Particle Clutches

Two of the most popular magnetic particle clutches from Ogura have been redesigned to improve performance for a variety of tension and torque control applications. The clutch now has a faster response because of a new optimized internal flux path design...

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Zero-Max Introduces Roh'lix Linear Actuators

Zero-Max is now offering Roh’lix linear actuators made from stainless steel for use in operations where cleanliness is a priority. Used to convert rotary motion to linear travel, Roh’lix linear actuators carry loads at speeds up to 70 inches per second depending on size...

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