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   Power Transmission Technology Update        June 2013

Fiber Optic Encoders Provide EMI Immunity and Intrinsic Safety

Micronor's Fiber Optic Absolute and Incremental Encoders outperform resolvers and electronics-based encoders in challenging environments. The innovative passive sensor design provides immunity to EMI and lightning, EX inherent safety, wide temperature performance, long distance operation (2500+ meters) and MRI compatibility. MR330 Absolute series provides 13-bit single-turn resolution plus 12-bit multiturn tracking. MR320 Incremental series up to 1024ppr resolution...

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QBC/BEGA Induction Heaters

Induction heating is a fast and controlled heating method that is both safe and environmentally friendly. BETEX induction heaters can be used for bearings and other components such as gear wheels, bushings and couplings. Their sturdy styling and user-friendly design guarantees problem-free operation for many years. Visit QBC today...

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How Do You Prefer To Connect?

Mach III offers friction clutches, brakes and torque limiters that connect to shafts in a variety of ways, from a traditional bore with keyway and set screw to clamp collars. Discover how our design flexibility can simplify your design and installation processes...

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Industrial Maintenance Equipment

QBC is an authorized full stocking USA distributor of BEGA Special Tools: Dismounting Equipment, Hydraulics, Condition Monitoring Tools and Mounting & Alignment Equipment - induction heaters, and alignment computers for bearings & transmission components. QBC/BEGA Special Tools are safe to use and built to last. Learn how proper maintenance can protect your industrial equipment investment...

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High Tech Rack and Pinion Planetary Reducers

KRPX is the new version of Redex-Andantex rack & pinion high-tech dedicated planetary reducers. The KRPX is a cost effective, easy to implement, high performing solution for moving column and gantry machines, as well as many other applications...

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Nord Offers Maxxdrive Industrial Gearing

Located in the Swiss Alps, Industrial Gearing from Nord Drivesystems is an integral part of the pumped storage hydroelectric power station expansion entitled the Linthal 2015 project. PSH is a type of hydroelectric power generation used by some power plants for load balancing...

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