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   Power Transmission Technology Update        February 4, 2014

New Screw Jack Application Guide

Most screw jack lifting systems require multi-jack configurations with a variety of drive, connecting and safety components. Only the Zimm series from DieQua gives you all the options in a complete package with the most advanced design. Check out the benefits and get the application guide...

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Noisy Bearings?

Single turn wave springs are ideal for bearing preload. The spring preloads the bearing through its outer race, taking up play in the bearing. This reduces bearing damage, wear, noise and vibration. Smalley has stock parts from 1/4" to 16". Customs are available from .200" to 120"...

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MOVIGEAR® Saves Energy!

The MOVIGEAR® Mechatronic Drive System from SEW-EURODRIVE sets new standards in efficiency and functionality. MOVIGEAR® combines gear unit, motor and drive electronics within one highly reliable, efficient and hygienically designed unit. It also reduces total start-up cost and annual operating costs in your material handling system by 20-30%!

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High Quality Spiral Bevel Stock Gears from Arrow Gear Company

Arrow Gear Company is world renowned as a leading producer of high precision custom gears. But Arrow also offers a full range of precision spiral bevel gears from stock - up to 16 inches in diameter - including ground tooth gears. Featuring carburized and hardened teeth, and gears that are produced in matched sets, Arrow's stock gears are available for immediate delivery. Arrow's stock gears can also be modified to meet individual customer needs. For more information on how you can ensure the highest quality while taking advantage of the time and cost savings of stock gears, please visit our website...

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Hand Adjustable Slip Clutch

This friction torque limiter from Mach III features a knurled knob for on-the-fly adjustment of the torque output...

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Gearboxes for small NEMA motors

SureGear™ PGCN series gearboxes are great for motion control applications requiring a NEMA size input/output interface. These gearboxes are available in NEMA 17, 23, and 34 sizes. Features include low backlash & 20,000 hour service life, FREE hardware for mounting to stepper and other motors. One-year warranty, SureGear gearboxes start at $209...

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