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   Power Transmission Technology Update        January 23, 2014

Bevel Gears up to 80"

B&R Machine and Gear Corporation is a custom gear manufacturing facility, specializing in bevel gears. From design consultation to packaging your product, we are able to offer complete in-house production. We are dedicated to producing domestic, high quality parts, efficiently and effectively, at an affordable cost. B&R Machine and Gear Corporation is proud of the fact that our family business has been in the gear industry for more than thirty five years. Capable of manufacturing straight bevel gears up to 80" in diameter and spirals/skews/hypoids/zerols up to 66" in diameter... ...

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Coupling Input Improves Worm Performance

From fretting to key wear to bearing life, standard worm speed reducers have issues that negatively affect their performance. Varvel's worm eliminates these problems with an integral input coupling. Check out the top 10 benefits of our unique connection along with other differentiating features.

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IronHorse™ GSD Series DC Drives - 1/50 HP to 3 HP

DC drives in open frame & NEMA 4/12, or 4X enclosed versions can accommodate 1/50HP @ 12VDC to 3HP @240VAC; Input voltage ranges from 12/24/36 VDC, to 12/24 VAC and 120/240 VAC. DC output voltages of 12/24/90/180 VDC and output currents of up to 20A are available...

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Advanced Design Assistance from Arrow Gear Company

Arrow Gear Company is world renowned as a leading producer of high precision gears. Using state-of-the-art computer technology, Arrow's engineers can build virtual models to predict how the gears will perform in actual operation under load - all before cutting a single chip. With proven results for some of the most demanding manufacturers of aerospace systems, Arrow's Advanced Design Assistance capabilities can shave months off of development time when compared to the trial and error methods used by other manufacturers....

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MOVIGEAR® Saves Energy!

The MOVIGEAR® Mechatronic Drive System from SEW-EURODRIVE sets new standards in efficiency and functionality. MOVIGEAR® combines gear unit, motor and drive electronics within one highly reliable, efficient and hygienically designed unit. It also reduces total start-up cost and annual operating costs in your material handling system by 20-30%!

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A Different Spiral Bevel Gearbox

With more models, sizes, and ratios, DieQua's spiral bevel gearboxes offer precision, performance and durability far above standard products. They're ideal for applications requiring high speed, precise motion control, high torque, or heavy shocks. Several configurations, options, and customized solutions provide unmatched design versatility...

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