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Since 1993 OLS has been devising, designing and building top quality deburring machines for manufacturers both big and small. Our innovative burr removal processes have saved our customers thousands of dollars in deburring costs. OLS deburring machines are engineered for customer satisfaction. All of our designs originate in-house. and we offer more than 30 standard deburring machines, one of which could be the perfect solution to your deburring problem. Our product offering runs the gamut, from portable, stand alone units to entire integrated deburring cells.

The OLS Model 5000 is a gear deburrng workhorse. Capable of deburring many types of gears, it utilizes our exclusive Auto Amp Compensation technology to insure consistent part quality and longest brush life. Programmable software stores part profiles for quick recall and Auto Setup software makes change-overs simple and fast. OLS has delivered dozens of Model 5000 machines to many of the world’s leading gear manufacturers.

OLS expertise isn’t limited to gear deburring. We’ve provided deburring solutions for all types of power transmission components across many industries, including automotive, heavy equipment, aerospace, marine and fluid power to name just a few. We know how to strip the variables out of any deburring process, creating machines that deliver consistent, predictable results at the lowest cost per part.

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