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Pune, Maharashtra 411019
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For over 4 decades Greaves has been the frontrunner in manufacturing power transmission products in India. We have two very well equipped and state of the art plants in Pune (Maharashtra) & Falta (near Calcutta), India. Greaves is today the largest manufacturer of these products in India.

Greaves enjoys the sustained international reputation for quality and reliability. Over one million of GREAVES worm, helical and marine gears now in operation throughout the country and abroad bear testimony to this. Our international quality standards have earned us a wide, loyal clientele and our manufacturing units at Pune and Falta have ISO 9001 CERTIFICATION.

Greaves also supplies a range of Fixed and Variable Speed Fluid Couplings manufactured at Pembril's ISO 9001 certified manufacturing unit, Greaves EC Variable Speed drives and Gear couplings. Greaves is truly a one-stop shop for all power transmission systems.

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Greaves Products (Power Transmission Division)

  1. Gearboxes:

    • Worm Gearboxes and Internals
    • Helical Gearboxes and Internals
    • Bevel Helical Gearboxes and Internals
    • Bevel Gearboxes and Internals
    • Planetary Gearboxes
    • Helical Geared Motors
    • Heliworm Geared Motors
    • Helibevel Geared Motors
    • Planetary Geared Motors
    • Worm Geared Motors
    • Cooling Tower Gearboxes
    • Plastic Extruder Gearboxes
    • Aerator Gearboxes
    • Coal Pulverising Mill Gearboxes
    • Custom Built Gearboxes

  2. Fluid Couplings:
    • Constant Speed Fluid Coupling
    • Variable Speed Fluid Coupling

  3. Eddy Current Coupling:
    • Up to 100 H.P. Speed range 120-1200 rpm

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