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Rexnord products are marketed under brand names of

These product lines represent the largest single source in the world for industrial and aircraft gears, bearings, seals, idlers, couplings, roller chain, engineered chain, conveyor chain, reducers (gear drives), brakes, and clutches.

Gear Drives - Rugged Design, Reliable Construction
High-quality, reliable and rugged gear designs are installed in the world's most challenging applications. More than 100 years of experience, a full product line, technical support, and local service allow for maximum performance and the lowest total cost.

    •Parallel & Right Angle Solutions
    •Concentric Solutions
    •Shaft-Mounted and Mixer Solutions
    •Worm Gear

Bearings - Are Right on Track
Rexnord customers have depended on our premium quality, design, performance and technical support for over 75 years. Our well known brands include Rexnord®, Link-Belt® and MB® encompassing ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, sleeve bearings, and collar and adapter mounted spherical roller bearings. Primary applications include industrial machinery, conveyors, chain and belt drives, fans and blowers, and power transmission.

    •Rexnord and Link-Belt Roller Bearing
    •Link-Belt Adapter Mounted Spherical Roller Bearings
    •Link-Belt Cylindrical Roller Bearings
    •Link-Belt Sleeve Bearings
    •Link-Belt Ball Bearings
    •Link-Belt Corrosion-Resistant Ball Bearings
    •MB Ball Bearings
    •Duralon Bearings

Couplings - Do the Job, No Matter What
In the past 80 years of coupling manufacturing, Rexnord has seen and solved virtually every problem a coupling application can present. Today's buyer receives the benefits of that experience in a broad line of couplings, from Rexnord Omega®, Thomas®, and Addax® couplings to Falk™ Wrapflex®, Steelflex®, and Lifelign® couplings - all manufactured for quality, reliability and easy maintenance.

    •Rexnord Omega Elastomer Couplings
    •Falk Wrapflex Elastomer Couplings
    •Rexnord Thomas Disc Couplings
    •Rexnord Addax Composite Couplings
    •Falk Steelflex Grid Couplings
    •Rexnord Viva Elastomer Couplings
    •Falk Lifelign Gear Couplings
    •Falk True Torque Fluid Couplings
    •Falk Orange Peel Guards
    •Falk Long Term Couplings Grease

FlatTop Chains and Components - Convey Dependable Solutions
Rexnord® Chains are cutting edge, customer intimate and dependable solutions you can count on every day. Throughout the years, we have been responsible for technological advances in product design of conveyor chains and associated components.
   •Rexnord TableTop Chains
   •Rexnord MatTop Chains
   •Rexnord Multiflex Chains

Heavy Duty Engineered Steel Chain and Roller Chain - for the Most Demanding Applications
Rexnord is the acknowledged industry leader and most experienced chain manufacturer in the world. Our chain designs are created on the latest computer-aided design equipment, and then transmitted via computer network to the manufacturing floor where the designs are turned into finished products, using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies.

    •Engineered Chains
    •Roller Chains

Conveying Equipment - A Solid Investment
Rexnord has a wealth of experience, with satisfied customers for over 6,000 installations in all 50 U.S. states and over 60 countries worldwide. Rexnord is the only systems supplier that manufacturers all of the critical system components such as gear drives, bearings, chain, and couplings in-house.
    •Bucket Elevators
    •Apron Conveyors, Feeders, and Drag Conveyors

Rexnord - a History of Aerospace Service
Rexnord aerospace products are used extensively on the world's most technically sophisticated aircraft from Stealth bombers and fighters to the newest commercial airplanes and even on the space shuttles. With more then 50 years of aerospace experience, Rexnord has been involved with virtually every major commercial and military airframe design effort during that time.

    •Cartriseal Machanical Seals
    •Shafer Bearings
    •PSI Aerospace Bearings
    •Tuflite Composite Bearings

Stearns® Brakes, Clutches and Electronic Components - Focused on Performance

    •Spring-set (power-off) brakes
    •Electrically-set (power-on) clutches and brakes
    •Heavy Duty Clutches and Brakes
    •SINPAC electronic centrifugal switches

Advanced Research - Results in Cutting Edge Products
Ongoing research and testing are critical to the development of products that help our customers maintain a competitive advantage. And that's an advantage our customers have come to expect from Rexnord. Rexnord Technical Service (RTS) Center is one of the most sophisticated on-site research facilities in the industry, with more than 30 years of experience as a mechanical and materials engineering services laboratory, with its roots in aerospace and industrial technology.

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