RJ Link International, Inc.

RJ Link International, Inc. - We design and manufacture custom gearboxes, provide precision machined components and perform contract machining services - including gear grinding. 3741 Publishers Drive
Rockford, IL 61109
Phone: (815) 874-8110
Fax: (815) 874-8833
Contact: David Crook, Sales Manager


Web: www.rjlink.com

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Rj Link designs and manufactures gearboxes, including speed reducers, speed increasers, transfer cases, planetary drives, pump drives, right angle drives and other custom designs. Our typical range is from <100 HP to over 1100 HP.

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Rj Link provides helical and spur gears to your design specifications in lot sizes from one to hundreds. We are capable of producing AGMA class 11 ground gears in-house up to 15.74" in diameter.

Rj Link provides contract machining services in Rockford, IL including turning, vertical & horizontal machining, hobbing, broaching, gear shaping, gear shaving, gear tip modification and gear grinding. Our capabilities range from single piece prototypes to production volumes.

Our systems, processes and equipment are ideally suited for low to medium lot sizes. We practice the same level of process control for one piece as we do for production volumes. "Our minimum order quantity is ONE".

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