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Power Transmission Directory > Gears

Gears are toothed wheels that provide for the transfer of rotary motion from one shaft to another (or rotary-to-linear motion in the case of racks), as well as speed increase or reduction from one shaft to another.

Aerospace Gears
Automotive Gears
Automotive Starter Ring Gears
Bevel Gears, Spiral and Hypoid
Bevel Gears, Straight
Cast Tooth Gears
Coarse Pitch Gears
Custom Gear Manufacturing
Face Gears
Fatigue Consultation
Fine Pitch Gears
Forged Gears
Gear Blanks
Gear Breakdown-Emergency Service
Gear Design Consulting
Gear Failure & Fault Analysis
Gear Inspection Services
Gear Repair
Gear Testing Services
Geared Shafts
Ground Gears
Helical Gears
Herringbone Gears
Hypoid Gears
Hypoid Gears-High Ratio
Hypoid Gears-Super Ratio
Injection Molded Plastic Gears
Internal Gears
Internal Splines
Marine Gears
Medium Pitch Gears
Miniature Gears
Mining Gears
Miter Gears
Non-circular Gears
Non-lubricated Gears
Pinion Gears
Pinion Wire
Planetary Gears
Plastic Gears-Cut
Plastic Gears-Injection Molded
Powder Metal Gears
Pump Gears
Punched Gears
Ring Gears-Bevel
Ring Gears-Internal
Ring Gears-Spur or Helical
Skived Gears
Slewing Rings
Spiral Bevel Gears
Splined Shafts
Spur Gears
Starter Ring Gears
Steering Sectors
Stock Gears
Straight Bevel Gears
Timing Pulleys
Worm Wheels