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When software goes bad, what do we call it System failure Human failure A virus A number of word...

Development of an Actuator for Ambient to Cryo Application

December 2010
Karen Menzel, Hans Jürgen Jung and Jörg Schmidt

Total System Efficiency

February 2010
Matt Murray

Electric Vehicles Need Quieter Gears

October 2014
Mark Findlay

Load Capacity and Efficiency of Grease-Lubricated Worm Gears

September 2014
Karsten Stahl, B.-R. Höhn, Michael Otto, Alexander Monz

Gears for Hydraulic Pumps: Development and Results

March 2014
G. Di Francesco, S. Marini


More on Linear Motion

Companies focus on customization and quality in linear motion...

Selecting and Sizing Ball Screw Drives

October 2012
Jeff G. Johnson

Ball Screws Revisited - Ask the Expert

February 2013
Jeff G. Johnson, Thomson Industries

Oscillation Welding Protects Pipelines

April 2010
Lindsey Snyder


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